Kubb simulator

Since this post is a request from Eric Andersson at Wisconsin kubb it will be in english. People might be interested in how we train. In fact we seldom actually play kubb as in matches. We try to practise more important things as getting the stick to rotate correctly (according to us correct is to rotate the stick a half round which means that the end you are holding is supposed to hit the kubb) or hitting straight. This can be done in many ways and one of those is what we like to call the Kubb simulator.

As you can see the hole is just wide enough to let the stick through, and high enough to not let spinning sticks through. You are supposed to throw the stick through the hole. And the only way to do so is to throw a perfect throw. It is damn hard I can tell you. On the other hand it feels damn easy to hit ordinary kubbs after practising at the Kubb simulator for a while.

Here are some pictures:

And a film trying to shoot it:

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2 kommentarer till Kubb simulator

  1. Jens skriver:

    Kul idé! Ser svårt ut, men jag förstår att det känns lättare att kasta på vanliga kubbar efter en träningsrunda, på samma sätt som det gör om man tränar med smala kubbar.

  2. teamekeby skriver:

    Det är svårt så in i helsike!


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